CB Farming Systems is an independent agricultural consultancy company owned and operated by Colin Bowey.

CB Farming Systems specializes in offering agronomical advice to all kinds of agricultural industries, with a particular focus on improving soil health, by assisting in creating specific farming systems for individual clients, that best suit their businesses.

Colin began the business back in 2006, to allow him to offer the best possible services and advice to agricultural producers, without having to compromise by recommending and using specific products often associated with major business or industry. It’s because of this, that it allows CB Farming Systems to offer the best possible services, while ensuring that we can deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients. Our focus is to not only make our clients businesses more profitable, but too implement more sustainable farming systems, that create lower risk environments for producers to operate in.

Since then, CB Farming Systems has grown significantly, with clients in most states of Australia having sort our unique services. So please, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’d be more than happy to discuss any questions you have, just click on the contact us link above.